Saturday, August 8, 2009


I was doing so well,
what happened?

I suppose overall I'm doing ok again,

the doc's figured out that my extreame pain is/was causesd by gas in my intestines,

I have taken in the past 3 days nearly every controlled narcotic available, and none seem to really do much, I've gotten as much relief out of the gas x that took 3 days to get approved ( >p!!!) as I have out of illegal stuff (what the heck???)

I just want to be normal again, and I want to come home!!! and to be able to take care of myself, if that really too much to ask??

sorry if my venting bothers anyone,

Chrystal and jack hale came over to visit last min today, and I'm so grateful they came at my best overall of the day

please keep praying for me everyone, I still need it,

thank you, I love you all, Ben