Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I've Had A Bad Day

Have you ever had one of "those" days? Yeah, me too. It's just some of "those" days happen more than I'd like to acknowledge or come too soon after the last one that it's been difficult to recover as quickly as I would like. So it's been kinda hard to keep a smile on my face during adversities and to be a good example to those around me (although I'm not sure about ever being a good example. lol).

Sometimes I like to whine too much about these days or because I'm so overwhelmed I make them into something more than they are (but I bet you haven't experienced anything like that. lol). For example, I am trying to be more self-reliant by taking hold of my life and the things in it and taking responsibility for the every day things most people (including myself) take for granted. But it's really difficult when I see others skating by and taking advantage and doing so, easily! OR if when I am readying myself for another leap of faith toward my self-reliant goal, God decides to push me off the ledge because He thinks I'm more ready than I do. Those times are the most difficult.

So, if you ask me I'm doing, or how's my day going, just know it's been hard lately and I'm trying to smile through it all but I'm probably going to go cry in the bathroom for a while until I can release enough stress to move forward.