Monday, May 25, 2009

Arizona Update:3 1/2 Months Old...It Gets Easier Right?

Sure, he's cute NOW! But get him at a restaurant or the movies and he turns into the Devil Child! (Note the "WARNING" label next to him? It means,"Don't take baby out in public unless you want a scene!") Actually, it's usually because he's tired, but he is inconsolable when he's cranky and we can never time it just right. Yes, I have a schedule and yes, I do adhere to it as much as humanly possible, but it is still VERY difficult.
When Christopher was fairly new and having difficulty sleeping everyone said it would get easier. "Just watch. At six weeks he'll be sleeping and it will get much easier." NOT! "Just wait, at 3 months it will get easier." Still waiting. A gentleman at the restaurant we attempted to eat at tonight said it doesn't get easier it just gets different. Three months ago was different than it is right now...sort of. Problem is, the poor kid hasn't had a break from his psycho mom!
A friend wrote to me about the scripture regarding enduring afflictions well and she supposed that "enduring well" meant holding back the tears and putting on a brave face. Obviously I'm not that person and if that's what it means to endure well, then I'm screwed! Really, I've never been a believer of suffering in silence. I think that's stupid! For one thing, people always say to ask for help or don't hold it all inside, but then praise the people that do! All I know is that is not the way I deal with things so much anymore. I used to and I was a VERY angry person. I mean, I'm mad right now but not crazy mad or anything.
All I want is for something, one thing, to be easy. I was hoping it was going to be Christopher, but it's not. I guess the easy thing for me has been to make friends. Since I don't have family or friends already down here, the friends thing has been pretty important to me. I hope that Ben's side-effects go easy on him. This year is an important one for Christopher and I'm afraid Ben might miss or forget a lot of it. And with all the angst I have, I'm worried I'm going to miss it too.
P.S. Read "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" for an answer on what Towel Day is...or just ask Merri. :)


  1. I know this is from me, mother of Elias. But I know TONS of moms and kids, and trust me on this - whatever you are worried about today, it will be easier eventually. But being Christopher's mom will NEVER EVER be easy. Don't waste your time hoping for it. It will be rewarding, frustrating, exciting, fun, mind numbing. But never easy. God didn't design parenting that way. Elias' sleep did improve incrementally starting around 8 weeks, but he didn't have "good" sleep habbits until about 9 - 12 months (last night he went to bed at 10pm and this morning he was yelling for me at 5:45, and I now consider that good). As the sleep improved something else always takes it's place. Good luck!

  2. just for illustrative purposes I'd like to inform the readers that the "gentelman" at the restraunt was a biker in a skullcap covered from head to toe in tatoos

  3. i'm finding out the fact that something new always replaces the old. Just when we get the sleep thing down, his teeth will come in or something! :p

  4. Love the picture with the WARNING label next to him. I am so taking a picture like that of my next baby!

  5. Hey, I got the link to your blog from Jeremy. I wanted to let you know that we're thinking about you, even if I don't comment often.

    And who says a "gentlemen" can't wear a skull cap and tons of tattoos?

  6. BTW, Christopher looks very much like a Passanando in the 'warning' picture. He's very cute!

  7. Hi, Ben, Elizabeth & Christopher...
    Just wanted to pop in and say a quick "hi" to you all. Hope things are a little easier than they have been. Just keep your eye on the goal on the other side when this is all over. Christopher is growing so fast! He is soooooo wonder all the girls there fight over who gets to take care of him. He has both of your great smiles combined into one irresistible one! Give each other a big hug for me...I'm giving you a long distance one!
    Love, Betty

  8. What a darling little boy! And to you, my fellow Psycho Mom (we all carry that title at some point, if not always, believe me;) it won't ever be easy but you'll just get better: more patient, more relaxed, more trusting in yourself. I don't hold my emotions in well either and when I do, I'm even unhappier. Talk, email, whatever works but, for me, prayer is the best way to communicate because you can talk forever:) And, from my experience, those sweet, highly demanding babies can be the strength in your family when everyone feels weak. He's a little angel in your family for a reason:)

  9. Blythe,
    I'm finally checking on you. Things are crazy busy here. I'm glad to hear Ben's levels are down and Christopher is growing and growing. Hang in there. The sacramento heat awaits your return. :)