Sunday, February 27, 2011

FINALS...and a dog...

Our new dog, Lucie!
So! This week was jam-packed full of adventures...mainly self-imposed, but whatever!
  As you can see, we acquired a new dog. Her name is Lucie and she is wonderful! She comes when called, can be a lap dog or play fetch. She plays well with other dogs...all around she just has a wonderful disposition. I'm hoping to learn a few pointers from her. :P
  Also mentioned in my title are my finals. I missed 5 questions on each of my finals so I think that means I got a B on each. I don't test well, even if it's mediocre material. I get all stressed and can't think straight. Anyway, I think that makes my grades all B's (unless by some magical way I did the math wrong and I get A-'s). That would be GREAT! I'm sort of a perfectionist, but I'm trying not to be. I read somewhere that "perfectionism is the highest form of self-abuse". I really do believe that, but putting to actual use is fairly difficult for me.
  And speaking of math! That's one of my next classes along with Communications and Composition (pretty much and English class). I hope I do alright in these classes. I'm always nervous until I know what I'm up against.
Lucie in her kennel taking a nap in her sweater
  Well, here's one last picture of our dog, Lucie in a sweater that Ben really wanted her to have. I think it's cute and funny.

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  1. How cute he picked a sweater for her! Good job on the finals! I don't test well either. :)