Monday, April 26, 2010

False Alarm!!

AAAAHHHHH!!!! What's the saying? "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." Not until this moment did I realize that "Hell" is meant for the person(s) that the "intentions" were intended for!

We were generously offered this pie-in-the-sky offer that we thought was carefully and meticulously thought through, otherwise why would such an offer exist?!

So, if you don't quite catch my drift with my vague metaphors, let me spell it out. We are NOT moving as of yet.
So, I guess a "hurray!" is in order considering the chance we actually might get to keep the home we worked so hard to get. It's just the roller coaster of emotions that we have gone through these past few weeks has been crazy to say the least...maybe taxing is a better word.
It seems the safe route for me right now is to live on a month-by-month basis because anything we have now this month can all be taken away next month. At least that's how it has been working out.
So, sorry for the confusion, sorry for the upset...I didn't mean harm by any of it. I really thought this was the end of this particular chapter of our lives, but there seems to be an appendices.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Statistic

So, with all the stuff we have done we are now set to become another statistic. We fought hard through our trials since being married; all of the miscarriages, job loss, home searches and even cancer. But we have lost the battle of our home. We have been struggling to make ends meet for some time and gotten assistance through church and family. But with Ben's pending health issues and the uncertainty of income prospects, we have given up on our home here. We have, thankfully, a very generous offer from my folks and we will be moving up near them in the next few months.
Like most people in similar situations, we did not go into this with the intent of just abandoning our home. On the contrary! We were always in the middle of a home project and became "weekend warriors" with regards to that fact. We even planned well when we bought our home, making sure we were not biting off more than we could chew. We had set in place nearly six months worth of savings in case of job loss, but with Ben getting so sick so fast and for so long, it wiped us out.
We have thought long and hard about our leaving in such a way. We tried the possibility of renting it out, but there is too much work to be done on the home. We have thought about a short-sale, but we would be so far under that it's just too ridiculous. We have decided to pay the consequences of a forclosure. I am sad and down-trodden. I feel beaten and that I did not lose a battle, but simply surrendered.
You may think poorly of us for our decision and I would not blame you. I thought the same of others before. But I hope you will forgive us and not think ill of us for too long. You may have done something different if you were chosen to walk our path. As for us, we saw no other way.