Sunday, January 2, 2011

What A Week!

Well, I have completed my first week of school. I have to say, it is quite easy...a little too easy.
If you didn't already know, I am attending University of Phoenix online. Which means that everything I do from buying/reading books to turning in homework and participating in "class" is all done online. It's pretty much a designated forum with a chat room (but not live chat) and a main forum from which we participate in "class". Some of the participation involves responding to discussion questions the teacher has set up for us to talk about. Then we have to respond to other students' responses. That last part is what has me a bit verklempt. Right now I am taking pretty much remedial courses for credit so some of the students in the class are a bit slow on the uptake sometimes. It's incredibly difficult to respond to someone who just found out, for instance, that being overweight and not getting enough sleep is considered poor health. And then to respond to the person responding to the first person who says they were also blind-sided by such information and thought only smoking was true sign of bad and unhealthy choices.
(*sigh*)Aaaahhh, oh well. I really only have a few more weeks until my next course (which I forget what was at this moment), so I will fumble through and search for things to learn about and people to learn from. Either way, this whole experience is exciting for me, no matter how mundane, and I am eager for each new day that will lead me closer to my goal!