Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Who's the Cutest Kid at This Party..."

Here's Christopher playing with Carrie and Abby
Here's Christopher having cake with Daddy.

These are rice balls. Christopher loves rice and sushi!

This is the cake Ben made up of Christopher's favorite movie characters from the movie "Cars"

Here's another view of the cake

Some of the goodies from the party

Just one of the 4..that's right, 4...pizzas we had...Christopher also loves pizza!

He loves his juice...he also wanted me to take a picture of him :)

Even Gus decided to join in the fun...sort of..

This is Mack, Christopher's FAVORITE "Cars" character

Christopher wanting to pose for another picture...thilly guy!

Here's the birthday banner..and a family sign I made a while ago :)

Christopher enjoying his company

These are some of our neighbors and friends

Christopher's first sight of his cake...he was speechless..which is saying a lot!

trying to blow out the candles

finally blowing out candles...with Daddy's help :)

He couldn't wait to have all those toys..neither could the rest of the kids!

Christopher spent the rest of the night playing with his Cars


Playing Cars with Grandma

Eating some cake and ice cream...but mostly playing with Cars

This is our neighbor's son looking a bit Goth with his black lips and pale face :)


this is not his baby, but it does soften his image a bit to hold him :P

He just couldn't be bothered by cake...his is the one that hasn't been eaten

playing Cars with Daddy...aawww!



  1. I love all the pictures of the party. It's a shame that Elias and Kati missed this great Birthday Party. I will bug Mom about why she didn't stop to pick up at least one of his cousins. I wish I were able to come. Next time I will ask your Mom to bring me home a piece of the birthday cake.

    I love Christopher and it seems to me in a strange way that Christopher and the rest of my family have always been A part of me. I can hardly believe that I have an eternal wife, six children and four very beautiful grand children with another one hopefully getting prepared by Heavenly father as I am writing these comment.

    Ben and Blythe, I am so pleased with your part of our great family. It is so wonderful that each of my children are so different by their choices of how to live life to the fullest. No body has ever been blessed more than me. Thank you Heavenly Father for the many Blessing you have given me.

    As the patriarch of our family, with the Priesthood I hold, I Bless all of you to love one another.


    Steve, Dad or PaPa

  2. I can't believe how big he is! Happy Birthday Christopher!