Sunday, May 13, 2012

I QUIT! (but in a good way)

I am so frustrated with trying to keep up with other people's idea of how things should be! From diets, food, eating, and exercise to how to raise my kid, teach my kid, make my marriage successful, people always have an opinion and somehow mine doesn't jive.


I am just learning about the way I eat and why (kind of sad because I'm almost 36 years old).

I'm just finding out what foods I do and don't like (like I really don't like M&Ms or apple pie. Sacrilege? Maybe, but that's how I roll).

 I've understood my body better than any doctor (or friend or well-meaning passerby-er) and so instead of trying new things that don't seem to work, I will go back to the old things that worked in the past and seem to be doing just fine currently.

I am with my kid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and I'm pretty sure I understand as much as I'm going to right now. There are always going to be things that perplex me, but I know I will learn just as he is learning.

I don't have the world's greatest love affair, but I work at it every day. I don't need to hear how your new-fangled idea you read about on Pinterest is making your married life better and how I should try it out. I'm glad it works for you, but it's just not for us, and that's okay.


I'm not looking at people and wishing I had whatever they have. My motivation for my desired body shape is something I once had and feel I can get back to. This does not involve my legs being the same width as my forearms, but something I feel is attainable and healthy.


I'm currently trying to achieve a simplistic lifestyle...comfortable but simple. I don't have the need for big and fancy. I have the need for simple and easy. I don't need the kitchen appliance most believe is the sign of true wealth and ease. I use a wooden spoon (or my hands) and a bowl I've had in my family since 20 years before I was born!

I'm quitting (notice I haven't reached my full potential quite yet) the world's view of what is good, better, best and becoming more self-sufficient (and defining that for myself). I'm trusting more on the Lord instead of others that may not care for me as much as He does. I go to my knees for answers instead of the Internet. I trust in myself and my abilities and gifts from God more than I can or should people who don't even know me, but really, really like the thing I "pinned" today.

I still like the modern things of the world, but I am learning the meaning of "all things in moderation" and "self-sufficiency" and what those mean to me.


  1. I think I'm going to join you in that! I quit, too!!!