Tuesday, August 26, 2014

To Be Found Peculiar Among the Peculiar People: Blessings of Being a Convert

**The views and opinions on this post are my own. You may or may not have experienced any or all of the things mentioned here. They are also not limited to those of any particular faith. These are my personal experiences once I became more acquainted with the love of my Father in Heaven.**

I have been blessed in many ways. One of which is to have walking therapy sessions with my very good friend. As we walk up and down the local hills of our neighborhood, we talk about our lives and the things concerning those around us. At times we get real deep in our conversations and it's at these times I start to understand my life more and events within it...

I believe it was two weeks ago when my friend asked me how, as a convert to the Church, I was able to distinguish the promptings of the Holy Ghost and if it felt any different than before I was a member.

I had to think because for me there are distinctions between every day feelings and in the moments when I really needed to out of danger or make the right decision.

It is said that the Spirit talks to us through a burning in our heart and a still small voice. For me, the experience is physical and powerful--it affects my whole body. It literally rocks my soul! Before learning that this feeling came from the Holy Ghost, it would scare me. No one I knew understand what was happening to me when I would try to explain it.

This is one of the blessings of being converted. Once I learned and understood what this was and how to interpret it, my life changed forever! Being a convert has the blessing of knowing what it feels like to be without the Spirit and then have him to be our constant companion.

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