Monday, October 13, 2014

Keeping it to Myself...sort of...

I've discovered something very frustrating that I must change how I feel about it...

I have mentioned several times in my life about how frustrating and lonely I am because I must do many things without any help or companion to be with me.

Well, I must amend that statement in two ways.

The first amendment is, that it is not in some or even many ways I must do things alone but in ALL ways. EVERY single aspect in my life must be gotten through without any help of a worldly nature whatsoever. No people or persons must I or can I rely on in any way, shape or form.

My second amendment is, while I may not have the assistance of my peers I DO have all and ANY help from my Heavenly Family and Friends.

The weakness I must overcome in this circumstance is realizing the assistance offered and given is FAR BETTER than that of any worldly being. I need to be grateful beyond measure that I don't have to rely on the faults of Man to help me with my mortal journey. I have the unfailing assistance from Above, from those who know all and can and will bestow that knowledge to me what needed and asked for.

My human nature is to be upset because this falls under the "health" umbrella for me as well. With Man's ideas and techniques, if I fail I can blame them for knowing enough about me and my body to make it work. BUT when I have Heaven on my side, the only one to blame for failure is myself.

So, here I go, starting on a seemingly slow path to health (again). But this time there is no group therapy, no blog followers (I see the irony here), or Facebook friends, not even my husband. Although, ever so often I have the gentle reminder of my Heavenly Human example of my five-year-old son, to show me how to eat and play to get and stay healthy.

So this time, don't wish me luck, please pray for me...

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