Monday, January 26, 2015

Time Management

Do you ever get that feeling of being overwhelmed? Where it feels like your entire world is demanding your time and energy at the SAME TIME?


And then you realize, you ASKED FOR THIS?! No? Not you? Well, I seem to do this to myself ever so often. It's a nasty habit I don't realize/remember I have until it's too late because I've committed to so many things that can't be changed unless I want to cause utter ruin and despair. Okay, so I'm not THAT important but it feels like that is my burden.

I have set the goal to NOT say "yes" so much this year, not realizing I've already said it to things last year that pertain to this year... Oh well..maybe next year ;)

One of the reasons I see myself bogged down with what seems to much to bear (is that right? "bear" or bare"? or am I missing another one...anyway) is that I'm in need/want of stretching. I need to learn something (more than how to say "no"). And I am! As I breach from Crisis Mode, I am learning how to prioritize again. No longer are my needs to just survive but to THRIVE.

So I enrolled in school at Idaho State University.

I mentioned this a bit in my Christmas Letter. I am currently in the pre-PTA (physical therapy assistant) program, with hopes of being accepted into the full PTA program come this Fall. I'm a nervous wreck! You do realize, I haven't been to an actual brick-and-mortar school for 20+ years! So, knowing this I enrolled part-time with just 6 credits. With only a couple of weeks into it, so far so good. This is my 4th career change (1. politics, 2. microbiologist, 3. massage therapist, 4. physical therapy assistant). I'm hoping to finish my Bachelor's of Science degree shortly after my program finishes.

I am learning how to manage my time better. I'm not very good at it, mind you, but I'm getting there. I see no need to be too hard on myself for not being proficient quite yet; another breakthrough since only a year ago I would have considered myself a failure!

I'm scared but hopeful. A new feeling for me. "Hope" used to be a four-letter word for me. Now, I'm cautiously using it to reintegrate it into my life for good.

So feel free to send words of encouragement my way as I venture on this scary, treacherous, hopeful road filled with suspense, doubt, and frustrations. I'm gonna need it!

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