Thursday, April 7, 2011

Loo Loo over Lucie (my dog)

Lucie is my funny little dog that is very much a part of our family now. We've had her for over a month now, but it feels like she's been with us forever.
I still can't believe I even have a dog. I mean, the last time I had a canine to call my own was almost 10 years ago!
By far, Lucie is the largest dog I've had. My first dog was a Low Rhodesian Ridge-back Labrador Retriever (try saying that three times fast). Then I had a Rottweiler-Basset that we used to say the father was the basset (true story). Now I have Lucie who is a Black Lab/Border Collie mix. A fine specimen of boisterous affection and incredible tolerance! I say tolerance, because Christopher simply loves to cuddle her in his own rough and tumble way. I don't have a picture of this special kind of love because it only lasts a few seconds. You have to be here in person to witness it in all its cuteness glory!
  And SPEAKING of cute! How could I post something describing someone who brings never-ending joy and suffering to my life without showing new pictures of him?!
 Here are a few photos of Christopher doing some of his favorite pastimes.


Showing off his tummy...(I don't know why he loves doing this so much, but it's cute)

And posing for the camera...
If the camera is out, he stands in front of you until you take his picture, then he wants to see the picture you just took to make sure you didn't just make the "clicking" noise to fool him. He also thinks/knows he is cute and wants immediate evidence that I got his good side. I'm in trouble!

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