Saturday, April 9, 2011

Snow Angels and dog

 Yesterday we went to the snow. It was Christopher's first time and he was a bit nervous when he was first placed on the snow bank. After we showed him it was okay and that the snow wasn't going to hurt him, he starting having a lot of fun!

Christopher even made a snow
angel! It was adorable! He didn't really know what he was doing, just that it made all of us coo and awe over him doing it and that always makes him happy.

 Here's my attempt at a snow angel. Ben spared the world from seeing me in action and decided the after-effect was much nicer. I agree. :) I was kind of out of practice at making snow angels...

 Here's the snowman Ben made. We were all laughing afterwards. The eyes and buttons were made from pieces of asphalt! Yikes! The next picture is of Christopher trying not to touch the snowman. Just after this shot was done, the poor snowman had a tumble...sad...
And finally, here's the dog! Not our dog but a dog that was across the street in this fenced-off area (we had pulled off the highway because Christopher had thrown-up). The dog ran up to the fence and was jumping up and down to see people having so much fun. It escaped under the fence and came bounding for us. It was a completely harmless dog. He just wanted someone to play with and a baby (which he licked non-stop). We played with him a bit until he found something dead buried in the snow and rolled in it. By then it was time to go. So we led the dog back across the street and hoped it would find the person that brought him. He was a sweet dog and if we didn't already have a new dog, I would have brought him home. Oh well.

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