Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Month 2 of THE Dress Saga

Sorry for the sour puss look...long day

Hey! smile why don't ya!
 Hey there Blythe fans! (just kidding) so it is month two of the ongoing THE dress saga where I put on the dress I got married in (see other post for further info) and see how it fits.

THE dress still fits snugly, but my husband (probably hoping to get on my good side) thinks that I am looking a bit thinner in this month's photos versus last month. I cheated a bit because the pictures on the left hand side are of me standing normal and the ones on the right are of me sucking in my gut!

I suppose you can be the judge on how things are looking. I still can't zip up the goofy side zipper and there is no way I would be allowed outside wearing THE dress but it's still early in the game, and anything can happen.

Leave advice, tips, words of encouragement/discouragement, or whatever happens to be on your mind in the comments. Thanks everyone! See ya next month dress...for now, back in the Hope-It-Fits-Later closet...ya, I have one of those...don't you?!


  1. I can tell a differnce too. And I have a whole box of hope-it-fits-later, so I'm right there with you. Keep it up, slow and steady wins the race.

  2. as always Megan, you help me keep going! i know family planning tends to get in the way of weight loss, but i'm working toward a goal of healthy living (hopefully) during those times! no babies for me yet, but i'm working hard now so maybe later i won't have to work so hard...