Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bent Not Broken

For a few years I have been hurt and angry at those around me which left me feeling alone and bitter.
I felt let down.
 Let down by people, church,
and God.
I felt cold.
Then about a year ago I started seeing a pinprick of light at the end of my long and dark tunnel.
 Now I look behind me and see a small bit of black, ahead of me –
I heard something recently that broadened my perspective on these years of trials in my life. “We’re not broken, just bent.”
It’s from a song about a dying relationship that still possesses hope.
This got me thinking of others around me who have probably or are currently feeling the same way I did. An image came to mind of reeds blowing in the wind.
 These are beautiful, so beautiful that they are sung about as “amber waves of grain.” Many of us may feel as if they are the lone reed mentioned in poems, left alone to our own devices. I don’t feel this way any longer. I see there are other reeds bending
not broken
standing beside me…and they are made beautiful because of this bending.
Many things are made more beautiful because of bending. Things of nature like the grass,
the waves, 
the reeds. And just like these things
they do not stand alone.
They come together to form one large beautiful scene.
 They cover valleys and mountains,
 rivers and oceans.
We are not alone in our bending process. And those of us that see that MUST help those that don’t.
I see those around me now suffering and all I can think is, “how can I help?” I realize this is probably how others thought when I needed help. I don’t know how to help. I don’t know what to give.
I pray.
I think.
I wait to hear how Heavenly Father wants to bend me.


  1. Blythe- What a powerful message. Beautifully said!

  2. thank you. i'm so grateful i have received the gift of hindsight so i can see the good that's come out of this bad.