Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ben Update

So, sorry for the weird blog...I tried to update from my phone and it didn't translate very well. Anyway, we are home, but life is still strange and unreal. It seems that Ben, me and Christopher have changed but not our house or places around us. Ben says that we are not the same people and I'm starting to believe him.


  1. That is true. You guys will never be the same. That is life. We learn, grow and change as we go through it. Life would be boring and meaningless if we didn't. You guys are changing into stronger people. Better parents to Christopher. Living life to the fullest. Being grateful for everyday. Coming closer as a family unit. Ben, Blythe and Christopher (Monkey) are what is most important. You guys are inspiring. Hold on to each other. Hold on to what is dear to you. Even when you feel like the bottom is falling out beneath you, hang on. Something is coming. (I know) Even if it takes longer than you would like.

    Love you guys.

  2. I love you all very much and keep you in my prayers every day.