Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feelings: some advice given that I should take

I know I just wrote something but I have some extremely treasured correspondence with a friend who wrote me today and I had to look back at what I said to her that made her grateful to have me as her friend! (I love that by the way) I'm not going to divulge any details, all I am going to comment on is what I said and how I have learned to finally take my own advice...even if it's little by little.

This is what I said (the "He" of course is Heavenly Father):

".i just feel your pain so much! i understand much of the frustration you must be going through, much of the anger at the one Being that can take this all away or at least to a point where it's manageable. you think "how can this be good for you, your husband, your kids?" and if it's not good then take it away! but He won't...he won't make it easier on you or your family, He won't answer your prayer, your begging, your tears...and it makes you madder than you have felt...and you take it out on everyone, even yourself because then you think "what have i done to deserve this?" and you feel so bad you don't even want to think about shut yourself away so the only person you hurt is yourself (or so you think)...but the problem is still there...waiting for you to open the door so it can rush right in and take over what life you have left...BUT even if you don't realize it, right now things are getting better! you opened the door and let people in again and they are ready and willing to help you out, i promise! not everyone but the ones that truly care and love you. your children want nothing more than to make you happy (even when they scream and yell so much you just want to give them away to charity!) they do silly things to make you smile every day. Heavenly Father sends those things to you every day. He wants to nothing more than to give you everlasting joy...yes He does! you will find a way around this once you start knowing the rules and boundaries. please, please, please read your scriptures, Ensign, whatever...please fast even if you do it from something other than food (i have to do that)...please's hard to talk to someone you are so angry with but He wants to hear it. He wants to help you. I promise..."

Good advice if I say so myself'!

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  1. That is good advice, I needed this reminder, too. Thanks!