Friday, March 30, 2012

A "Feet" Unto Itself

Bending over and tying your shoes is probably many of you have taken for granted. Or bending over to tie your shoes WITHOUT making horrible grunting noises.

It has been another silent goal of mine to accomplish the bend-over-without-grunting task and to add shoe tying to all of that, well let's just say, that would be icing (non-fat, sugarfree of course) on the (same) cake.

Last week, amongst all the happy angst in our family, I found myself bending over and tying or strapping on shoes without a sound! At first, I took it for granted until I wondered to myself if I had been doing this all along! I realized I haven't grunted to get up or move (with the exception of this last week of recuperation)!

This may sound like child's play, but for an owner of a chubby tummy, accomplishing such a thing is a feat unto itself. I may not look like how I think I should, but with this revelation and goal checked off the to-do list, I'd say I am well on my way! YAY ME! :)

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