Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Idaho Update: Slower Pace

When we first moved to Idaho our California friends asked us what we thought of the Slower Pace we were sure to be experiencing. I didn't understand. I wasn't experiencing anything slower than before...except the Internet speed.

But then the Slower Pace hit me like molasses in January!
I finally noticed the Slowness of it all. When we needed to have a few windows replaced on our home, the guy said he would be back to install them "later". Now, in California "later" means within a few hours BUT "later" in Idaho means sometime in the next couple of weeks!
So what I've really come to find out is that people here in Idaho aren't time Nazis like me. (I have several Japanese friends that wouldn't survive here...) Idahoans live in the moment. They don't have locked in schedules (for the most part).

Pretty much the Idahoan time philosophy-------->

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