Saturday, June 6, 2009

Arizona Update:Dumb Doctors!

This is another picture from the Chiluly Glass Sculptures at the Botanical Gardens. It's a boat filled with glass balls. It's pretty cool!

So, the doctors. Everybody at The Center is pretty nice, but I think we have been here long enough for peoples' masks to start coming off. Some of the doctors have been pretty rude and arrogant and more than one person has advised us to just try and look past that right now. But you know me, I'm not very good at looking past people's faults...especially if it's a doctor who is working on someone I care about. When I mentioned the "looking past the arrogance" thing at a patient meeting, an advocate wanted to talk to me more about what exactly went on, but no one has talked to me yet.

And it's not the doctors, but some of the other people that work at The Center that have kind of bugged me lately. At those patient meetings the head of certain departments want to know how they can help us out or how they can do things better at The Center. I have asked if it was alright if some people watch Christopher while we are in with a doctor or even when we get lunch in the cafeteria. Every time they tell me it's OK, but then I get the person who was watching Christopher walking up to us saying that they were told they couldn't do that. See, the problem is, apparently, someone comes to our helper every time and lets them know they can't watch the baby, but no one has copped up to us and told us that no one can watch him. It's just a little frustrating that's all.

Well, it's been a few days since Ben's chemo was amped up a bit and he's starting to feel some of the effects of it. He's also feeling a bit of the radiations affects/effects (I never remember which one is correct) as well. Ben says he's feeling a bit burned or something to that effect on the small of his back. And just last night he had to go in to The Center's "urgent care" because he's having a problem of inflammation. The doctor said that could definitely be from the radiation. Ben was given some pain meds and we're hoping it doesn't get worse.

It's starting to get boring here. We've got the same thing every day, just about. Same food. Same places that we go. A very nice break from the norm was a friend of mine that used to live in Elk Grove, got married and moved down here a few years back. Just so happens, we're in his ward and I made friends with his wife at an Enrichment activity last week. They invited us to their place for Family Home Evening and it was WONDERFUL! The main thing that made it so great was their house. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, just the fact that it WASN'T a hospital or a was a HOME. It was SO nice, so comforting to be anywhere where we haven't been. It was so nice, in fact, that Christopher didn't cry once while we were there! Which is a feat in and of itself because if we try to go to a restaurant or the store that baby just screams his little head off. He goes from 0 to BABY in about 3.3 seconds! The, I guess, ironic thing is, for Christopher this whole crazy circus life is all he's really known and when we get back home and there's not scads of women coming up to steal him away at any given moment I just don't know what he will do. LOL!

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