Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Arizona Update:Father's Day

If the picture seems blurry to you, it's not you...you don't need to see a doctor...it's just everytime I try to take a picture with Ben or the baby, either one of them wiggle! Neither one of them can just sit still and take a picture. Christopher just can't wait to meet the next person coming along and Ben always complains he's tired and has to sit down...something to do with side effects BLAH BLAH BLAH! (Just kidding! I mean, he does side effects and I really don't make fun of them...just Ben, I make fun of Ben.) So, anyway! Here's a few pictures of Ben's first Father's Day! This one was taken in a room at The Center called "The Quiet Room". Incidentally, this room has a very large television in it and it's very small, but you can't hear Christopher screaming too much when you are outside the room, so I guess it works!

If you can't tell, we're at church and, YEP! Another blurry picture! Oh well, they're both cute so I guess I'll just let it slide.

Here's another one of them at church...guess we weren't paying attention to the speaker too well. But look at Christopher! He's SO CUTE I couldn't resist!

Yep, you guessed it! Another church picture, but look! Christopher is paying attention! What a good little boy.
This was my cheapo Father's Day "card" to Ben. We were at Macaroni Grill (a present given to him from the folks from the hotel!) and I wrote my little message on the paper tablecloth. AWWW...aren't I cute? :P
But seriously. Ben has turned out to be a GREAT father! Not to say that I thought he was going to be a bad dad, it's just that neither one of us really had any experience with babies. You might say that no one really does, but a lot of people have younger siblings and took care of them. When Ben had baby siblings, he was too small to take care of them or to ever notice them in way that he felt necessary to care for them. He was still a kid himself and concerned about "his" world and how it revolved around him. That's not a bad thing! He was, what, seven when his little brother was born?! I, on the other hand, had no other younger siblings, just an older sister who was eight when I was born. Sure, both of us may have babysat or helped looked after other children as we grew up, but NEWBORNS? That's a WHOLE new ballgame! I had helped out a neighbor with her new babies everytime because she had "C" sections with her children, but I never really helped out. I would just lift her baby out of the crib and hand them over to her.
But I think Ben has really matured and grown and I know that sounds a bit redundant, but if you think about it, the words are truly different. Ben has matured in a way that he is able to step out of his own world and care whole-heartedly for someone else--no questions asked! If Christopher needs something, Ben is the first one to try and figure out what exactly Christopher is wanting, and then gets it for him. Ben has also grown into a real, true man. A man that cares for and loves his son and would do anything for him. Ben is a wonderful example of what a "real" man is. A "real" man doesn't have to know everything there is to know about cars or sports, he has to know everything there is to know about caring for and providing for a family. A "real" man is a man who smiles and takes pride in the family he has made and shows his love for his family so that everyone around him knows and feels that love. Ben is all of this and more! I love you Ben...Happy Father's Day!
OH Yeah! Just one more picture...
This is what happens when grandma comes to visit and help out all the way down in (VERY HOT) Arizona! Not only did Christopher start sleeping about 6-7 hours at one go, Ben and I also got some sleep...which was more precious than even this picture! Thank you SO MUCH Jocelyn!!!


  1. What lovely pictures! Thanks for posting them.


  2. Love the definition of a real man!