Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Arizona Update:Some Hiccups

This picture is more of the "Chiluly Glass" display at the Botanical Gardens.
So, today was kind of a blow to us. Nothing too bad or anything, just a sort of sad thing. Ben wears his chemo usually Monday through Friday, but has been able to take it off for the weekend. The weekend has been a sort of saving grace for the both of us. For Ben because he has a couple of days that he doesn't have to worry about leaving behind a pack that's attatched to him and for me because that would be my time to cuddle him without having to worry about his tubes and stuff. Well, today Ben was told he was going to have to wear his chemo breaks. So no cordless snuggles or easier shower days. The doctor today told him that Ben was given the wrong information and that he should have been wearing the pack always without any days off. So there's the worry that we haven't been doing enough either!
Ben was given a steroid treatment to help combat any sick feelings or fatigue, but the steroids gave him stomach acid issues which made him have violent hiccups all last night. It was difficult on him because Christopher kept us up all night the night before so poor Ben was already tired and now couldn't sleep because of the hiccups. Well, the hiccups have subsided somewhat, and he's dealing with the acid (we'll pick up some Prilosec at the store tonight) but we're both bummed about having him be hooked up until we leave. It just makes the days here seem longer.

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  1. That's too bad about the no cordless snuggles. It can't be too much longer, right? Well I hope so. I miss you guys and your house doesn't feel right without you. Its kinda lonely checking the house. I've done a couple loads of laundry there...quiet little house. Been thinking about you three alot. I wish I could be there for you!