Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Arizona Update:Ben's first surgery

All went well for Ben's first surgery to put his port in. I don't know if you know what a port is, but it's a semi-permanent catheter or i.v. that's placed just under the skin and is hooked up to a major vein. In Ben's case, his carotid artery. The surgery was good, but Ben was a bit scared and his blood pressure was a bit high. The docs kept him around for a little while to make sure all was good, then they released him into my care. We had lunch and then went upstairs to watch a little t.v. and unwind.

I had a massage while Ben napped and a very sweet concierge, Jennifer, watched Christopher. My massage was nice, but I couldn't stop thinking about Christopher and hoping he was ok (I knew he was going to be hungry as soon as I left), I was worried about Ben and I was also a bit squished up top too so it was kind of uncomfortable. But it did work out some of the baby back stiffness I've had so that was good.

Nothing on the schedule for tomorrow, so I hope we can just sort of take a breather and let Ben finish his recuperation. He can't lift heavy things (including Christopher) for a couple of days so I want him to take it easy so he can heal better.

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