Saturday, May 23, 2009

Arizona Update:Scare

So, this morning right after our baby wake-up call (a.k.a. Christopher deciding when we all wake) around 6:30am, Ben rolled out of bed to see why he was feeling wet. There was about a nine inch blood/chemo spot on his side of the bed. Sometime in the early morning Ben had rolled over onto his tubing linking his chemo to his port and it snapped, leaking blood and chemo onto the bed. It was really scary to see. I almost passed out! Not because I have a blood issue (I only do when it's my own blood), but because the love of my life was bleeding and oozing and my baby was also lying right next to it! Plus, we had a guest over last night. Brian, Ben's friend from West Virginia that moved to Tucsan not to long ago was down for a visit.
Ben called The Center to see what needed to be done then woke up his friend so he could drive him over there. Meanwhile, I had to stay calm while feeding the baby and we all know how good at being calm I am! I rushed into the bathroom to freak out a bit, then collected myself and tried to help any way I could.
Ben went to The Center and got unhooked and checked to make sure his port wasn't blocked. Everything went good there and he was on his way back to the hotel. We had to let the hotel what had happened and instruct them how to get rid of the sheets since now they contained toxic waste! They were very kind and obliging like always and cleaned the rest of the room while they were there.
The rest of the day has been pretty uneventful. We did have the Bishop and 2nd Counselor of the Elder's Quorum come and give Ben a blessing earlier. I don't know if that really helped, but I guess it's a step in the right direction.

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  1. OK, busy life or what?:) I'm glad everything was OK but I'm sure it was a little crazy seeing all that blood. We're thinking of you guys and praying for you. P.S. The blessing is TOTALLY a step in the right direction because the Lord WANTS to hold you and your family through this experience...and a blessing let's us feel that love. Love you guys