Monday, May 25, 2009

Sorry I dont write as much as Blythe does

But I do have a good excuse, being all chemo-radiated and all, I haven't had either done in 2 days (as Peggy told me, cancer takes weekends and holidays off) and I feel almost back to normal because of the low dose of chemo I get, it's basically all out of my system now.

So I really should let everyone know, that while still not something I would volunteer for the radiation has not been nearly as bad since the first day and my decency has not been completely compromised again, (fingers crossed for the future) perhaps because it was obvious that I was greatly bothered by it all, every day something further has been done to make it less traumatic, I truly appreciate that (and I'm not just saying that because the center knows about this blog and is waiting for me to say something else about them, in fact I'm sure someone there will comment on the fact that I said that, which is rather ironic)

so anyway HAPPY TOWEL DAY!!! and happy memorial day!

thank you for reading, and caring


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  1. Hello! This is Paul. I'm glad that you are doing better, and thinking more positively now. I know the whole thing sucks, and you didn't volunteer for it, but as they say, "It's always best to look on the bright side." I know it can be difficult to look past some of the negatives, (heck, there sounds like there are many) but every once in a whle you mention the positives, and I think it's important to really appreciate those. It's best for your sanity!
    It's unlikely that you'll ever "forget" this whole cancer thing, so make the good parts part of the whole experience too. It sounds like you have really great people there with you, (Both at the center and at the Hilton) and that is a priceless blessing.
    Anyway, I'll talk to you later!

    P.S. What is towel day?