Thursday, May 14, 2009

Arizona Update:Problems

We had a bit of a stall in Ben's treatment yesterday. When we got back to the hotel and relaxed a bit after Ben's surgery, he started bleeding real bad again. We called The Center, but had to leave messages since it was after 5pm and everyone had gone home. He bled pretty consistantly through the morning, but by the time anybody could get back to us he was almost all the way done with whatever had irritated his colon. But we went to The Center's urgent care clinic anyway just to make sure. They took a few blood tests and determined Ben was anemic, but that everything was pretty much OK.

Ben kept trying to tell them his reaction was probably due to some medication he was given during surgery, but no one could confirm that he had been given anything that would be considered a blood thinner. We did some research and found they do use heparin when inserting a port, but the nurses insisted they didn't use heparin and that in this facility they don't have heparin. BUT Ben ran into the surgeon and he admitted using a diluted form of heparin and that would definitely set off his bleeding. In fact, the doctor said that Ben's tumor will be bleeding from time to time and when they start killing it, it will bleed more!

Today, we had a follow-up with the urgent care clinic and Ben's blood count is low, but they suspect it has all to do with the bleeding. They were worried they might have to do a transfusion, but they have put that off unless his numbers keep going lower. Ben feels better now and we're about to go to The Center's "luau lunch"! Hopefully today will be our care-free day! Here's hopin'!

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