Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Arizona Update:Is This Thing On?!

I understand that for a lot of you that might be reading this blog that this whole cancer thing might be a bit over-whelming. And I guess I understand that it might be difficult to think of something to say, but on this end, on Ben and my end, it's really lonely. To continue to write day after day and go through everything we go through day after day and still not hear a so much as a "hey, how's it going?" is more than a bit lonely. We've heard from a few people and to those few, thank you. Your words, whatever and whenever they are, are helpful. It doesn't take much. We just need to know you're out there...that you care...that you're concerned and love us. It's very hard being here with no family, no close friends (except the new ones we have to make to stay sane at The Center). I understand if you don't know how it is and don't what to say, but Ben really needs to know his family is there for him and that they care. I know you do, you just may not know how to express it. That's ok, just say that. We understand. Trust me.


  1. Hi, Ben, Elizabeth & Christopher...
    Well...the third time's a charm. I've typed two comments so far and always get messed up on the "select profile" thing...and lose it.
    I'm sorry for what you guys are having to go through down there so far away from home, friends and family. After the treatments are over, it will all have been worth it. Do they have counselors there that talk to families who are going through what you are? Seems like that would help some, so each family doesn't have to "reinvent the wheel" as far as learning how to cope with everything that's going on.
    You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers everyday. You'll get through this.
    Love you, Betty

  2. They do have counselors here, but one of them just quit and the other one is on vacation. They also have a chaplain on site but with my issues with God right now, I'm a little nervous to talk to her.