Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey those pictures turned out better than I thought they would!!

It was all very last minute but last night the center had an outing to "Desert Botanical Gardens" where they were having a display by some famous glass blower, I had seen an advertisement for it and had really wanted to go but it was across town, and outside, so Blythe couldn't go (being unable to sweat and all)

Well against my better judgement, I left her to take care of the baby for a few hours, and surprisingly enough I'd have to say, walking through the desert is hot and tiring, even at night, the above photo was probably my favorite display, the one below is what most of them were like lots of tubes of glass, perhaps I'm hard to impress, I overheard an employee of the park say that throughout the park there were over 12,000 individual pieces of glass that took 5 semi's to move, and in all of the transportation and installation only 6 pieces broke, that actually is pretty impressive.
well, Blythe is out at enrichment tonight so I should go rest, in case this post seems too happy-
I still have cancer, but my cancer levels in my blood are about half the level that I remember being tested for a month ago, (yay chemo, :p, at least it's working)

thank you for your prayers, they seem to be working,


  1. That's awesome the cancer levels are down compared to last time, yeah! We're praying for you guys and send our love your way:)

  2. It's refreshing indeed to read that your life in Arizona isn't all misery and gloom, that there is some light still illuminating you. I know that your illness and its subsequent treatment have been difficult and that it can be very hard to see past the tempests of pain, loneliness and indignity. No storm lasts forever, though, and if you weather it well you will find the world brighter and greener when the clouds break and sun shines once again upon you.